Hello and welcome to Newnonvegjokes.com! My name is Chandan kumar, and I’m the founder of Newnonvegjokes.com, a Fun and Entertainment-website for all occasions.

I have tried to neatly organise and categorise all the messages so that you can easily browse through Newnonvegjokes com, and have a wonderful time on my website.

Why Newnonvegjokes.com is created?

In this busy world everyone is very much stressed in their daily lives because of many things, like spouse,job, kids, etc. They hardly get time to have some good laugh. With the aim to make everyone happy newnonvegjokes.com is created which can be accessed from everywhere.

About founder of newnonvegjokes.com

Chandan kumar(founder) is an Internet Marketer having good knowledge of launching websites. He also having good knowledge about Search engine optimisation (SEO),  and newnonvegjokes.com is the result of all those skills.


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